About Us


We offer tailor made products to suite an organizations’ need to enhance skills, competence, motivation and productivity of the work force at all levels. Our competent pricing with a strong base of trainers lecturing at several universities has made us a favorite to our clients. Consumer Pride Africa, began operations in 2004 as Consumer Pride Agency offering human resource consultancy services including ICT support services; and is currently a registered Limited liability company in Kenya. Having looked at the challenges faced by many organizations in Africa where most entrepreneurs closed down before their fifth anniversary due to management issues, access to credit, and their inability to be globally competitive we chose to broaden our services to offer a range of consultancy services in business management as a solution to address the existing gaps. Our goal is to guarantee continual improvement, growth, and to ensure that every business has the capacity to succeed beyond their five year strategic plans through Training, Consultancy, Research, Systems Audits and ICT. We strive to support entrepreneurs understand value additions needed to access the regional and other international markets by providing market intelligence to understand customer requirements for their goods as well as services. With the introduction of African Continental Free Trade Area that has a potential of $ 37 Billion cumulative gains to all member states; most entrepreneurs in Africa have not taken advantage of such an opportunity to the maximum. It is for this reason that our high profiled team of Consultants lecturing in different Universities within the region, have offered to dedicate their time and knowledge to support businesses by transforming them into innovation driven enterprises to master the art of value addition in their goods and services.